Private Label and Contract Manufacturing

by BECAPRO, member of the NORDTEK Group

Welcome to BECAPRO

BECAPRO is a member of the NORDTEK Group. 
We are supported by reliable and trusted suppliers only.

Your trusted private label and contract manufacturer

Our customers benefit from our modern laboratory facilities and highly educated and experienced staff. Our business expanding can be attributed to modern technology, competitive pricing, prompt deliveries, and customer satisfaction.


We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing a wide selection of high quality products. Our sales and technical staff are available to recommend solutions, answer questions and provide technical support. Our R&D department is working on improving nowadays formulas and creating brand new products for our customers. Our services are well known and appreciated in many countries of the world.  Our sales and logistic staff is to your disposal sending ordered goods to any country and any place of the world. We have spent years developing innovative products for our customers. We continuously modify and develop new formulas to remain the industry leader. They were perfected using feedback from the end users.  

The knowledge of the products' feature / advantage / benefit clues is our key to the success.

Our advantages

One stop research

One stop research, development, formulation, manufacturing, packing and logistics

High quality

High quality components coming from reliable suppliers



Flexible production volumes

On time

Deliveries within agreed terms



Professional service


Confidentiality of the information


Basic Services

Our basic services:

  • Packages and ingredients supplying
  • Mixing
  • Filling
  • Labelling
  • Packing

Creative Services

Our creative services:

  • Brands and products creating
  • Formulation developing
  • Designing of labels and packages finishing
  • Packages of reserved shape:
    • designing
    • mould constructing
    • manufacturing

Additional Services

Our additional services:

  • Providing free samples
  • Compatibility tests
  • Stability tests
  • Microbiological  tests
  • Dermatological tests
  • Logistics
    • transportation
    • warehousing
    • distribution


Cleaning and disinfecting:

  • medical
  • food industry
  • office and household
  • swimming pools and sport arenas
  • automotive

Cosmetics and personal care:

  • retail products for mass market
  • professional products for         
    • beauty salons
    • wellness
    • SPA


Delivered both in bulk and readymade individual packages of range 
from 1 ml up to 1 ton including any kind of:

  • bottles
  • tubes
  • jars
  • pots
  • buckets
  • canisters
  • drums
  • IBCs


BECAPRO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Towarowa 3
83-034 TrÄ…bki Wielkie


+48 695 005 600